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Combination Foot Care & Reflexology($160)

Reflexology is an ancient healing art that has been performed for thousands of years with its roots in the far east, it has been rediscovered and is widely practiced today as a complementary therapy. It is based on the principle that we have zones and reflex points in our feet that mirror the body. As the reflexologist stimulates and massages these points our nervous system responds thus creating a sense of calm and deep relaxation. Areas of the body are either stimulated or relaxed and then brought into balance helping to achieve homeostasis. The benefits of reflexology are wonderful including the release of tension, improved circulation, and the promotion of the natural function of our body and mind while encouraging the body to heal itself. It is the best know therapy for stress reduction.

Each treatment will begin with an herbal foot bath, lavender head massage, an eye pillow and a heated bed to surrender into and experience what feels like a luxurious foot massage.

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