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Foot Care($80)

Combination Foot Care & Reflexology($160)

May be covered under extended health care benefits.

  • Herbal foot bath
  • Foot examination
  • Nail care; cleaning,cutting, filing (including thickened, ingrown, fungal)
  • Skin care (removal/reduction of calluses, corn, thick cracked heels)
  • Foot massage using natural moisturising lotion with essential oils
  • Diabetic foot care (recommended for all diabetics)

Seniors, diabetics and athletes have an increased need for therapeutic foot care. Thorough assessment and examination is provided, foot wear advice, education and treatment options for common foot problems, as well as preventative tips to help avoid further complications. Debbie also welcomes those looking for a natural pedicure in a professional setting using sterilized tools without the application of polish. 

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